I have always had a hunched back and my right arm would never swing while I was walking like my left arm. My mother would always say I looked like the hunch-back of Notre-Dame.

Just ONE session with Maria Fernanda and I was walking with a straight back, my right arm started to swing and the sharp pain that I had in my right chest instantly disappeared. Maria Fernanda was able to, with one session, do something no so-called experts and master physiotherapist, osteopaths, etc. were able to correct with countless sessions. I am very grateful and just simply surprised.

Thank you, thank you, thank you"

(Kenshin, 2011)

SamuraiThanks for this course of Colour Mirrors, simply spectacular,I am looking forward to the second level in 2011.
(Alejandro, 2011)

I have no words to thank you for all I got in this Colour Mirrors Course. I´m really happy to have met again my family. I remember all of you everyday. It would be great to do the second level of the course together. A big kiss

(Lourdes, 2011)

I loved sharing those special moments with you, a wonderful energy was generated in the worshop. Thanks for welcoming me so well and for that inner light that you have. Thank you very much to all of you! .

(Victor, 2011)
I want to give thanks especially to our dear teacher, for your generosity, warmth, support, understanding and so on ... When I have internalized and advanced learning in the first grade, I would like to continue. I will give the alarm voice when I feel ready ...
A big hug and a ray of pink colour.

(Mabel, 2010)

Her incredible intuition and continuous study of human behavior makes her tremendously versatile and powerful as a healer"

(Magdalena, 2009)

MF is a brilliant and hard working professional. She commits with great enthusiasm and determination to any project she might take part in. I strongly recommend her as a business partner or service provider.”

(Pedro, 2010)

The authentic Samurai has only a judge of his own honour, himself