What is Theta Healing?

The Theta state is a state of deep relaxation, which is used in hypnosis and during sleep. In fact, the Great Masters meditate hours to reach it as it has direct access to the state of perfect calm. Theta waves are the subconscious and governing part or layer "of our mind that is between the conscious and the unconscious." Here is where lies our feelings and memories, as well as our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

Nowadays, we use the name Theta Healing to refer to the Theta wave, which dates back to the Egyptian and Greek letter Theta which among other things means Soul.

Modern science checks each day, how the power of our thoughts and emotions directly affect the body and health. The mind has a direct relationship to the body, creating optimal health or causing disease. It is the responsibility of each one, to live in harmony in body, soul and mind despite any circumstance.

Theta Healing Sessions

This technique is a tool that gives us the power and the ability to remove and replace feelings, programs, beliefs and thoughts that influence us negatively, as well as fears. It teaches us how to use our natural intuition, based on unconditional love. It solves problems on the physical, emotional and spiritual level, achieving profound changes in the body and the mind.

Sessions are by skype or phone. It lasts for 60 minutes. It is necessary that the person is hydrated for muscle testing to be effective.

We are our beliefs. If you have a thought quite often, it will turn into reality.

Vianna Stibal