Distant Healing

We help clients releasing in a quick and easy way any traumatic experience in this life or in other past lives, cleaning negative energies and karmic scenes, and healing mental, physical illness and addictions, as well as increasing inmunological defences before, during and after chemotherapy treatment.

distance healing, vibrational medicine

We also help clients to unblock their assertiveness, creativity and communication of feelings, their inner child and improve their sex-life, as well as their confidence and ability to unconditionally love themselves and others.

They are very effective and powerful sessions, in which we use different methods of healing, alone or in combination.

Psychic Readings

These readings will orientate clients in different aspects of their lives, such as love, finances, career and relationships. They will help clients to be aware of habits, patterns and emotions that they need to change as well as will orientate in their purpose of life. A Psychic Reading takes around 20 minutes each and can be by skype, phone or in presence.

Miracles are not a contradiction of nature. They are only a contradiction of what we know of nature.

St. Agustine