The Theta Healing Courses offered are the following:

  • Theta Healing® Basic DNA Course.

  • Theta Healing® Advanced DNA Course.

  • Manifesting Abundance Course®.

  • Game of Life Course®.

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    It is a three days course . The program includes:

  • The power of thought.

  • The brain waves.

  • The chakras.

  • The psychic senses.

  • Intuitive scanning of the human body

  • Learn how to connect to the Theta state.

  • Healing.

  • Self-Healing.

  • Changing beliefs and replace them instantly.

  • You will learn how to identify negative beliefs you might have.

  • Contact and replacement of fear.

  • Creating new feelings ( in body, mind and soul).

  • The seven planes of existence

  • Contact the guardian angel.

  • Clean soul fragments

  • Learning how to manifest what you want in your life.

  • DNA Activation.

  • Activating the chromosome of youth and vitality.

  • Among other topics....

  • For more information watch the video:

    Venue: To be confirmed

    The course schedule will be:

    - Friday from 17:00 to 20:00

    - Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00

    - Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00

    - Course fees including deposit: € 350.

    - See General Information for all courses.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    Aquarian Colours Team

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    Requirements: Basic DNA with a certified instructor.

    Includes: 1 Practitioner Manual.

    This intensive three days course completes all the information received in DNA Basic course, and emphasizes a deeper understanding of "the Source of All That Is" and the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us and allows us to get in touch much more with our true deep being.

    Through ThetaHealing® technique, the participant will learn to :

  • Identify and replace past resentments, oaths and energy commitments, ie bonds that hold our anchored and blocked energy.

  • How to find the limiting beliefs core and the feelings they generate, releasing any fears and everything that makes them endure. liberarse de miedos y de todo lo que los hace perdurar.

  • The concept of floating memories that can be stored in our subconscious, due to some accident, shock, trauma, or being under the effect of anesthesia and how to cancel them.

  • Carry out an energy enviromental cleaning and changing beliefs in the belief systems of participants which provide them a deep healing and enlightment.

  • Techniques developed to send love to the womb and provide healing to a broken soul.

  • It is a wonderful experience for participants, because they will be filled with new and deep feelings as well as knowledge of how to live in the here and now, the notion of what it feels like to be accepted by others and by yourself from the Seventh Plane.

  • The program includes :

  • Healing process.

  • Around 600 creations feelings will me made, for example, the brightness, beauty, peace, money, intuition, balance, self-acceptance, clarity, purpose of life, the be unique and special, trust, truth, forgiveness, cooperation, saying "no" compassion, to be sure, home, family, love, fun, play, joy, health, rest, wisdom, miracles, the success é, mimes, and many others.

  • The planes of existence (deepening).

  • Welcome to the seventh plane of existence.

  • Floating memories.

  • Send love to the child in the womb.

  • Healing the shattered soul.

  • Find a plant.

  • Connect to an ancestor.

  • Speak to your Higher Self.

  • Course fee: 450 euros.

    View the course schedule and general information for all courses.

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    Requirements: Basic DNA and Advanced DNA with a certified instructor.

    In this course you will learn:

  • The hundred most important beliefs to identify and clear your blocks making your life back on track gradually and constructively.

  • You will work on various types of blocks: anger, resentment, anger, lack of direction, lamentations, etc..

  • You will learn the truest and deepest convictions which do not allow you to show yourself and create wealth.

  • You will be taught to observe these blocks from the Seventh Plane.

  • We will create new feelings about abundance.

  • We will discuss about everything required to manifest abundance and it can be applied to your daily life establishing a plan for creating Abundance in the reality of each.

  • The course includes Manual and official certificate issued by the Think ® Institute.


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    Requirements: Have completed the DNA BASIC and ADVANCED courses with a qualified instructor

    This three days course was designed by Hiroyuki Miyazaki (Hiro) under the direction and support of Vianna Stibal in an effort to unite spirituality and business. For three days you will have the opportunity to remove specific beliefs that limit you and block to truly achieve success in your life.

    The Game of Life ThetaHealing ® gives you the power to become the most successful player in your life. It is based on actual experience and business success. Hiro gives us a new vision of the business and achieve what you want and manifest abundance in your life constantly helping you to achieve a balance with spirituality and business, nothing prevents you from being truly happy and enjoy this Game of Life. Is all I really want in your life, whether business, health, money, love, joy.

    During the Game of Life, you will learn:

  • A practical approach to working with beliefs.
  • Freedom from obligations to your parents, relatives, teachers, etc..
  • Freedom from trauma related to failure or success.
  • Feeling accepted and valued by society.
  • Manage your business as you want.
  • ready for success.

    The course includes Manual and numbered official certificate issued by the Think ® Institute.


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    To reserve a place on each course, a non refundable deposit of 100 euros will be made. A minimum of students is required to open a group and if not reach this requirement the course will be postponed.

    Please book as soon as possible, places are depleting rapidly.

    Each course includes:

  • Workbook.
  • Diploma.
  • Your name will appear on the Web Theta Healing worldwide Therapist Certificate.
  • For information and reservations, please fill in the contact form below.

    We frequently organize courses in Madrid, Ciudad Real, Valencia and Menorca and England.

    To host a course in your city Contact us at our email contact:


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    For each course we offer a number of scholarships with partial or total exemption from the course, depending on the number of students.

    Feedback to our email with the subject "Scholarship", writing the reasons that you think deserve a scholarship and how you could help completing the course.

    We give you the opportunity to bring your friends, family or anyone else you want to invite to the course:

  • Three people have a 50% of the total amount of the course
  • Six people can have the course completely free.

    To submit your question to our email contact us specifying the subject "Incentives".

    We can manifest in our life all what we desire as long as what we desire remains aligned with our source of being.

    Dr Wayne W. Dyer