Enhancing your life through Colour Course

This course offers a one day retreat from your daily life to enable you to connect with your spiritual aspects through the power of colour. This is an opportunity to heal issues, remove blocks and expand your self-awareness. Experience practical colour exercises with coloured oils and essences; colour meditations; chakra work; plus receiving colour readings - all of which will focus on your individual needs.

Anyone can participate, there are no manuals or certificates as this is a spiritual healing course with emphasis on where you need healing and to help you expand any aspect in your life - whether it is your business, finances, health, self-awareness or relationships. There is the potential that while you are healing through colour, it may open you up to feel whether you are called to study spiritual colour psychology and invest your time and energy in practitioner training, or perhaps even become a spiritual teacher of colour in the future.

Colour Therapy Course. First Level

A 9 Day programme presented over a period of time. The course includes homework assignments and exercises in-between training days.

During this course you will personally experience spiritual growth as the energy of colour raises your self-awareness and expands your consciousness.

All aspects of setting up and running a business as a Colour Practitioner will be discussed on the course.

Colour Therapy and Chakra Balance

It will qualify you as a colour reader, spiritual colour analyst and therapist:

  • You will study the many meanings of core 17 colours including their positive and healing aspects.

  • You will discover the spiritual, mental, emotional & physical analysis of colour.

  • You will learn how each colour identifies unconscious patterns that limit our potential.

  • You will experience new chakra colours and learn why they are changing.

  • You will connect with the spiritual psychology of colour for in-depth analysis and healing.

  • You will learn how to add colour skills to your business, practice and personal life.

  • Please note that our teachers are willing to travel to other areas and countries.

    Colour Therapy Course. Second Level.

    Advanced training for Colour Practitioners to learn about the many colour combinations that do exist. We will study and learn how to heal the past lives associated with specific colour combinations and explore the possibilities and potential highlighted by your colour combination choices.

    Teachers of Colour Therapy

    A 5 Day course to train as a Teacher of Colour Therapy that will qualify you to present the "Enhancing your Life through through Colour" Course and Colour Therapy First and Second Level Courses. To qualify to participate in this level of learning you will be required to have attended the courses mentioned above. This course is also hugely beneficial if you wish to do it just for your own spiritual growth and to open you up to become a more powerful channel and spiritual communicator.

    Colour Coaching Course

    It is a course that teach how to use the combination of Colourtherapy and Coaching in order to use this knowledge with individuals and corporates. It will teach how to work the main beliefs that block indivuals’potentials at a personal and professional level. At the same time it will empower students to use colour as a deep and efficient tool to remove blocks and personal sabotages that makes us to play small, as well as it will provide a space for students to work the issues that refrain them from achieveing their goals.

    It is addressed to any person that is interested in doing executive coaching and working with corporates as well as life-coaching, as well as any person interested in personal and professional grow or in helping others doing so.

    Art and Colour Therapy Course.

    This two-day creative course is a synergic combination of Art and Colour Therapy with extraordinary outcomes. It is an excellent blocks removal and facilitates changes as well as boosts our creativity and intuition.

    When the student is ready, the Master appears